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 Available C Rank Missions

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PostSubject: Available C Rank Missions   Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:59 pm

Each of these missions is worth 1000 Ryo!

Name: Take him home!
Type of Mission: Escort, Physical
Prerequisites: Genin or higher - any village
Goals: Take the man to his home
Description: The old shopkeeper needs help getting home with some groceries! He lives on the outter portion of the village so it is a long walk! Look out for any hoodlums who may cause trouble and get him home safe!

Name: Nightmares
Type of Mission: Guard, Physical
Prerequisites: Genin or higher - any village
Goals: Guard the man while he sleeps
Description: An older man has been hearing things about his house at night! He wakes up, startled from his bad dreams every night! He wants you to guard him hwile he sleeps and make whatever is making the noises stop! Keep the burglar out of his home!

Name: Pretty Poison
Type of Mission: Chore, Medical
Prerequisites: Genin or higher - any village, Medical Knowledge
Goals: Gather the venom flower
Description: A young woman skilled with poisons needs someone to gather her fifteen flowers for her newest creation! Be careful, giant tigers love these flowers and will fight to keep them!

Name: Gathering Wood
Type of Mission: Chore, Physical
Prerequisites: Genin or higher - any village, ability to cut wood
Goals: Gather firewood for the furnace
Description: The hot springs need more wood for their steam room! Gather plenty of wood for them, at least twentyfive pieces but watch out! Other shinobi want to complete this task as well and will attack to get their pay first!
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Available C Rank Missions
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