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 Custom Jutsu Registration Template

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PostSubject: Custom Jutsu Registration Template   Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:42 pm

Name of Jutsu:

[i]Name of Jutsu:

One of the greatest pleasures of a Naruto role playing game is the chance to create your own jutsu. The template makes things easy, if you know how to use it.

Name of Jutsu: This is the name of your custom technique. Some people like to write the Japanese name, however, it is required to put the English translation in parenthesis to the right or left of the name.

Rank: All jutsu mist be ranked. The rank is determined by the range, hand seals/charging time, weaknesses, and effect. More powerful effects require a higher rank, simple as that. You may use any cannon jutsu to aid in determining the rank of your technique by comparing all aspects of the two techniques.

Range: Fairly self explanatory. We measure range here in meters, zero if there is none.

Handseals: Most techniques require hand seals. If not, then a charging time is required, which should be written in the Weaknesses section. The only exception to this is techniques that require little focus or utilize only basic chakra manipulation, such as most Kenjutsu (sword) techniques.

Effect: This is where you will write, in detail, your technique's effect. Every possible detail must be included in this part, unless it is stated in the Weakness section. Keep in mind that any forms of your technique not explicitly stated here will be voided.

Weaknesses: All techniques have a weakness of some kind; unless of course it is basic chakra manipulation, but even some of those possess weaknesses. Weaknesses are any sort of way that your technique might be countered, have negative effects on the user, only be used under certain circumstances, etc.

Just remember to use your imagination, it is your greatest weapon here.
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Custom Jutsu Registration Template
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