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 Seisho Clan Items

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PostSubject: Seisho Clan Items   Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:18 am

Name of Item: Zorthil
Item Type: Weapon
Item Sub-Type: Katana
Components: Sun-forged Steel, Fuuinjutsu Seal, Cloth-wrapped Handle
Abilities: Zaruil is the great weapon of the Seisho, wielded first by the great clan leader Reibai. It was created by him through the use of high-power, light-based Meianton techniques, which forged a blade unlike any other. So long as light shines upon this blade, it cannot be broken, nor can any substance avoid its cut. It has been compared to the Sword of Kusanagi numerous occasions because of this quality, but is a vastly different weapon altogether. Along each side of the blade is a Fuuinjutsu seal shaped into the word "Zorthil". This seal forces an unnaturally good force to influence everything about anyone holding the sword, or even touching it.
Flaws: Outside of light, when shrouded in shadow, this katana is just like any other, with nothing but the influence of righteousness to distinguish it. This influence forces the wielder to make the right choice in all circumstances, with no exceptions whatsoever. Nobody can resist its mighty pull.
Cost of Item: TBA

Name of Item: Helmet of Fate
Item Type: Armor
Item Sub-Type: Helm
Components: Gold, Fuuinjutsu Seals
Abilities: The Helmet of Fate is the ultimate creation of the Seisho, a prize worthy of any who seek one. It is made of refined, pure gold, held together by one of the many Fuuinjutsu seals written within it. It is this seal that forces the gold to reshape into a helm regardless of what damage befalls it, even melting heat can't stop this. All but one of the rest of the seals grant extra abilities to the wearer:
1. Phase through solid objects
2. Launch golden beams of will-infused chakra
3. Flight
4. All-stat bonus of 5
5. Teleportation
The final seal was placed by the creator of Zaruil during the invasion of the Seisho Library, one that incurs a complete possession upon donning the helm.
Flaws: The phasing will only work on solid, inanimate objects; it cannot save someone from chakra, punches, etc., only basic weapons and similar things not coated in chakra. Chakra beams disappear after fifty meters, require three points of chakra per beam, and have a damage capability similar to a Fireball (Burns through flammable objects and scorches most other things).
Teleportation is not able to be used repetitively, only once per topic, but has no maximum range. The possession is a spirit of justice that has a bad habit of annihilating everything that has committed even the tiniest of sin, and not repented for it, the wearer is very likely to turn on his closest friends if they harbor any such crimes and may spontaneously go on a crusade to cleanse the world. However, the mind can only take so much of this nonsense and will forcibly remove the helmet after five of the user's posts.
Cost of Item: TBA

Name of Item: Zaruil
Item Type: Weapon
Item Sub-Type: Katana
Components: Shadow-forged Steel, Fuuinjutsu Seal, Cloth-wrapped Handle
Abilities: Zaruil is the secret blade of the Cosmic Branch, forged within the depths of the Shadow Realm. This steel is unlike any other, and literally draws power from the darkness. If ever this blade is broken or destroyed, simply putting any remains within the darkness will reassemble the blade entirely. The Cosmic Branch has also found out about the Seisho's enchanting application of Fuuinjutsu and copied it to an extent. A Fuuinjutsu seal runs all along the blade, with a copy of the seal on each side, reading the name "Zaruil" in letters darker than the already black blade. It's because of this seal that whosoever holds this blade will be overwhelmed with a sense of evil. This katana also wields the sharpness natural to Shadow-forged weaponry; able to slice stone with the utmost of ease. It is said to be the counter of the Seisho's light sword: "Zorthil", however, this assumption can't be confirmed as the creator was killed during a failed invasion of the Seisho Library.
Flaws: Good will become evil and evil will become more evil; no one is safe from this effect will enjoy killing for the sheer pleasure of it. Everyone is a target, and drawn out suffering of friends is the best pleasure of any wielder of this blade.
Cost of Item: TBA

Name of Item: Chains of Darkness
Item Type: Weapon
Item Sub-Type: Chain
Components: Shadow, Fuuinjutsu Seals
Abilities: These chains were created within the Shadow Realm by an unknown creature; some say it was the maker of Zaruil, some say it was Kageryūjin, the king of the shadows, but no one really knows for sure. These chains are infused with Fuuinjutsu to grant numerous abilities, such as:
1. Able to form from any shadow by the current owner.
2. Able to duplicate itself once, for a total of two chains.
3. Able to manipulate length anywhere from 1 foot long to 15 meters long.
4. Absolutely weightless.
5. Able to light on fire with the user's anger, granting a temperature rise of up to 1,000 degrees.
Flaws: The chains dissolve in the light, and induce a possession caused by a permanent seal placed on them during the invasion of the Seisho Library. The wielder is possessed by a spirit of vengeance, so to speak, that repays any crime seen with a hardcore beating, friend or otherwise, and will drop whatever it is he is doing at the time to repay the criminal tenfold.
Cost of Item: TBA
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Seisho Clan Items
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