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 Seisho: Light Release/Kitsunetsuki

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PostSubject: Seisho: Light Release/Kitsunetsuki   Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:14 am

Clan Name: Seisho/Kyuusaisha
Kekkei Genkai: Kitsunetsuki/Meianton
Type: Advanced Element
Clan Leader:
General Personality: The Seisho are a clan unlike most others in that they lack a sense of pride. Most clan members are proud of their heritage, believing themselves to be superior to most other people. The Seisho, however, are taught the exact opposite from the moment they are born all the way into adulthood. History has proven that pride is indeed a weakness, and should be avoided. As a result, one would not see a Seisho flaunting his power without a very good reason. In addition to a lack of pride, many a Seisho have been noted as historians, as they are a people appreciative of the past. This carries further than simple admiration and respect, for the Seisho believe that things in the past have a very realistic effect on the future and present. It is from this appreciation that Seisho have overcome their prideful nature, which was once enough to rival that of the Uchiha. They use history as a means to improve themselves, learning greatly from the mistakes of the long dead.

However, it doesn't stop there. There have been cases in which a Seisho was considered a prophet, or fortune teller. This is because of a stern dedication to the tomes of old, studying endlessly to unravel the secrets of the past, in order to gain knowledge of the future. This has led to many advances in the world, as well as the salvation of entire nations from things such as natural disasters and malignant forces. Members that dedicate themselves to this life generally pass the tradition on to their children, leading to an entirely different branch within the clan, called the Mental Branch. Because of this deviation, to keep from confusion, the other groups gave themselves names. The Physical Branch consists of those members who do not spend the majority of their time studying, instead fine tuning their bodies and minds to work in flawless harmony. The Head Branch consists of the clan leaders, those born with the natural traits of the leader, and take time to hone their spirit and leadership skills rather than their bodies or minds.

While the three most well-known branches of the Seisho generally get along perfectly well, as only the Head Branch is considered to be above anyone, there is a fourth branch. The members of this secret branch, known as the Cosmic Branch, keep to themselves, preferring the life of a loner rather than to be in a group. In addition, these people generally hold resentment towards the rest of the clan. These traits have led to a downward spiral that caused the shift of alignment in this branch. Members of the Cosmic Branch hold no care for the world's history, because their own was nothing but tragedy after tragedy. The lack of care is consistent, for they have never really cared about history as a Seisho normally would, but the sense of evil they hold is a bit different than the general term. A member of the Cosmic Branch would usually avoid situations in which the risk outweighs the reward; this causes a selfish appearance, though some people would consider this wise. They also hold little regard towards the life of another, able to kill without a second thought, which lead to a murderous appearance. Put simply, they just don't care.

The most interesting personality trait common among the Cosmic Branch is amnesia. Whenever a member grows to a certain age, which differs from member to member, but has never been shown to surpass twenty, that member will lose every memory he has ever known. A group of Seisho Scholars has researched this phenomenon upon discovering it, and could find no logical explanation, so accredited it to the mental instability that they were sure would occur to a child raised by that branch. Of course, without a live specimen to research, it's no surprise they weren't able to deduce the true cause. This amnesia is a direct result of the awakening of that member's abilities, a sign that the member is now ready to begin learning the secrets of power that belong to his heritage. Following this amnesia, the member is easily probe to anger, losing his temper at even the slightest provocation and, upon viewing an event truly enraging, will lose all control. The anger will take over, killing any source of aggravation, and separating itself into another consciousness entirely. The first trial is overcoming this being, and accepting the rage of the past. The member will then no linger lose all control, but will still be prone to annihilating any and all sources of anger, such as injustice or disregard of things they hold important. The member has truly grown when he learns to control this anger entirely, and use it as a source of power.

General Appearance: This clan possesses but one common dress, an insignia shaped to that of a golden, Chinese dragon. The dragon is curled at the shoulders, hips, and halfway down the tail. It faces the left, with hands opened, arms extended, and legs bent congruent with the snake-like body. The shoulders curl to the right, the hips to the left, and the tail to the right, curving upwards in a snake-like pattern. This insignia is placed on the back of an overcoat, generally, and is rarely worn during battle. The Cosmic Branch altered this slightly, changing it to a black dragon, with fire bursting from its mouth.

Clan History: The ability of spiritual manipulation has been there since the dawn of time. However, as rare as it was, there were no gatherings, no clans, only people scattered throughout the planet that unknowingly shared similar abilities. It was only a matter of time before these people grew in number, and eventually met. By this time there were indeed families of who is now called Seisho, many of them, but all after different goals. Some were out to rid the world of evil through use of knowledge, some through physical prowess, and others through natural talent. One goal, however, remained consistent throughout all families: good. It was a man named Reibai, a second son of one of the leading families that first deduced this fact. The families were all gathered together under a shaky truce in order to discuss current events, most notably one involving a man calling himself Rikudō Sennin. This powerful person had managed to subdue a monstrosity that had taken countless lives, a creature that the Seisho had been battling for years, to no avail. To hear that a single man defeated it was a little more than troublesome, for this man had an army of followers, and the greatest power this world had ever known.

Throughout all of the ideas brought forth to deal with this situation, three held the most votes. A dozen or so families wished to simply kill the Sage, ensuring that the combined might of all families could defeat his power. Another proposal was to talk with the man, try to reason with him and work out a solution together. Still one more was to watch, just stand by, do nothing, and see how the issue resolves itself. The first two were the main struggle, as they had the highest vote, while the third was supported by only a few. Reibai, as much as he disliked the families in support of the idea, favored the third. He didn't have much say in the matter, not compared to his father and older brother, but he somehow managed to convince the rest of the families that this was truly the best option. In light of his apparent capability as a leader, the families decided to follow his lead for the duration of the truce. Years went by as the Seisho observed the Sage from the shadows, taking great care so as to not make the man aware of their existence.

When the end of the Rikudō Sennin neared, Reibai had united all families permanently under the banner of the Seisho, and had become their official leader. He was growing old, but, through his training in the spiritual arts, he managed to retain a great portion of his vitality and power. He viewed the Sage's death, heard every word, and was mortified. While it was great that the Sage was planning on splitting the Juubi into nine different parts, this hardly alleviated the threat. Reibai gathered the Clan's forces, and launched an attack on the two sons of the Sage, only to end in morbid defeat. The entire army was wiped out save but a few, by the incredible power of the two men and their allies. Reibai was one such survivor; he only stayed alive because the elder brother was somewhat impressed by his show of strength. Reibai unleashed his full potential, taking away most of his lifetime and altering his hair color in the process. This hair color transcended down to future generations, jet black hair with golden tips. It is known as the sign of the Head Branch, a Seisho with the capability to take command of the entire clan.

A few years passed and the clan eventually joined the Hidden Cloud Village, using the immense mountain-range as a base of operations. They remained in Kumogakure for numerous years, gathering information from around the world into a gigantic library. Those members entrusted with looking after this library became obsessed with the knowledge stored within, and overwhelmed themselves learning everything within. This has led to a greater understanding of the current world, and saved countless lives. These members have become known as the Mental Branch. Those members not of the Mental or Head Branches tuned their bodies into weapons. These are the soldiers, the fighters, the warriors of the Seisho, known as the Physical Branch. Things were going well in Kumogakure, especially with the completion of the library. However, there was a phenomenal birth, a boy with abilities similar to the regular Seisho, but at the same time completely opposite. The Seisho were known for their ability to manipulate light, but this child manipulated darkness. The Mental Branch studied this boy, who, feeling like only an experiment, broke free. He spent numerous years within an underground portion of the library, growing in power and rage, until he was able to overwhelm the people holding him captive. He broke out of the library, and used his abilities to create an eternal darkness over the whole of the Seisho clan grounds. This darkness was unlike any other, in that sight itself was negated within. The Seisho, after trying everything they could to remove the darkness, recovered as many of their possessions as possible, and left their home. The library, however, was forever sealed in stone. With no place to call home, the Seisho split themselves among the nations, even to the most remote locations, to try and recover all that lost knowledge. The clan still respects their leader, and holds no grudge against any Seisho, other than that child, whom they named a 'Kyuusaisha'. It is unknown what happened to this child, but reports of sightings of people with these same abilities have been appearing everywhere as of late. It is assumed he escaped, and constructed a clan of his own, separate from the Seisho. One thing has been made clear regarding these people, they wish to be left alone, and named themselves the Cosmic Branch.

Description of Abilities: Spirit is the life force of all living things. This is not to be confused with chakra, as chakra deals with the energy of life. Spirit refers to the combination of both soul and will. The soul is the part of a person that is who they are, bound to physical form through a body. This is the portion that, when death occurs, moves on to the next world. Will is the ability to command oneself. All humans are given free will, and without it would be nothing more than a mindless shell, obeying every command issued by anyone without hesitation and having no control over oneself. Instinct would be the only controlling factor. All in all, spirit is the person.

Kitsunetsuki is the ability to manipulate the spirit within oneself and those things without a will of their own, such as plants and animals. The exception to this is an object with a consciousness, like summons. Each branch uses Kitsunetsuki in a different manner, so not all of them can affect outer sources of spirit. The Physical Branch controls the spirit within bodies, specifically the muscles. The Mental branch covers the mind and brain, and the Head Branch focuses on the use of spirit jutsu. The Cosmic Branch, unlike the rest, focuses on the spirit of the environment. In practical spirit use, a technique would tax the user's will, which can be regenerated via either meditation or chakra. Each Seisho begins with thirty points of will, which rises to thirty-five upon achieving the final stage. A member of the Head Branch begins with forty, and may not increase it. Each point of will is equal to a point of chakra in regards to techniques, meaning that spirit techniques cost will rather than chakra. If a person reaches twenty points of will, his mental functions will begin to shut down, reducing the person's mental stats by 10%. Fifteen or less points will force the body into a highly meditative state, so that the will may be regenerated before the brain is shut down. Zero points results in a permanent vegetation of the brain. Meditation requires absolute stillness, and restores will at a rate of five points per post. Only a Seisho contains the ability to regenerate will. Spirit techniques that tax the soul are considered Kinjutsu, as the soul, which houses fifty points of use, may never be regenerated.

The Seisho are all capable of utilizing Light Release, an element based on the combination of fire, lightning, and will. This allows for a person to control the flow of light, absorb light, or even create light out of darkness. Will is used to illuminate and excrete the elemental properties of a light-producing element through any point of the body. The combination of fire and will allows for the melting property of offensive light techniques, in addition to a dim, dark red or blue light. Lightning and will allows for the slicing property, and can create bright yellow or blue lights capable of blinding most objects. However, all three can be used at once, which gives this element the name of a Kekkei Tota, and creates the highest level of Meianton techniques.

The Cosmic Branch has managed to alter the intended use of Meianton to remove light from places, casting a darkness like no other. This darkness is special in that no light can pierce it, making sight absolutely useless. In theory, any user of Meianton can cast these dark jutsu, but none have tried, as the art is forbidden amongst even the highest members of the clan. This also means that members of the Cosmic Branch could use Meianton techniques, but they have no knowledge as to how, since the Seisho keep that secret locked within their scrolls, which happen to be conveniently gathered in the library. The secret of light techniques are gathered within the minds of the higher ups of the Seisho, while the same can be said of dark techniques and the Cosmic Branch.

Stage 1: Dokuritsushin (Individual Spirit)
As with some of the Kekkei Genkai within the Naruto world, both the Kitsunetsuki and Meianton must be mastered. This is shown through various stages. Stage 1 represents the awakening of a Seisho's spirit, when it finally has grown to the point of being controlled. This is a natural occurrence that usually follows a Seisho's tenth birthday, while it has been shown to happen earlier and later; it really depends on the individual. This stage shows that the member is capable of learning a portion of the clan secrets, thus allowing the teaching of up to D-Rank Meianton techniques. The spirit is still too small for the use of spiritual techniques.

Stage 2: Makenki (Competitive Spirit)
The spirit has matured at this point, which is achieved upon constant training. This is shown by raising a single stat to 15 or higher. This is the point of decision, when the member's Branch is chosen. If the raised stat is a physical one, then the member is of the Physical Branch. If the raised stat is a mental one, then the member is of the Mental Branch. However, if two or more stats were raised to fifteen, with one being physical and the other mental, the member is of the Cosmic Branch. This very rarely occurs within the Seisho, but a Kyuusaisha can only advance this way. The member may now learn C-Rank Meianton and D-Rank spiritual techniques.


Stage 3: Touki (Fighting Spirit)
The Physical Branch houses all members of the Seisho that focus on their bodies rather than their minds. These members are able to bolster their own muscles and health through the use of spirit, and are also capable of utilizing high level Meianton techniques. Members reach this level by experience, meaning a physical stat must be 25 or higher. Members may now learn Meianton techniques up to A-Rank Meianton techniques and B-Rank spirit techniques. Members also gain muscle memory ability, where all learned techniques are stored in the muscles for future use in addition to the mind. A loss of memory will have no effect on the member's repertoire of jutsu.


Stage 3: Kigyoushin (Enterprising Spirit)
The Mental Branch houses all members of the Seisho that devote their time to their studies rather than physical conditioning. These members are able to increase their mental capacity exponentially by means of their spirit, in addition to the use of high level Meianton techniques. Same as with the Physical Branch, members attain this level through experience, meaning a mental stat must be 25 or higher. Members may now learn Meianton techniques up to A-Rank and B-Rank spirit techniques. Members may also create a mental link with up to ten people over a distance not to exceed 1 kilometer.

Final Stage: Makejidamashii (Indomitable Spirit)
Few members have made it to what is known as the final stage of Seisho advancement. The spirit is now at such a level to greatly increase all aspects of a person's expertise. This is achieved through a traumatic event, one that inspires great anger in the user, in addition to having the Kaigan active. Members may now learn Meianton and spirit techniques up to A-Rank, and can sense the spirit or everything within 50 meters. Only members of the Physical or Mental Branch may attain this level.


Stage 1: Eiki (High Spirits)
Members of the Head Branch are easily distinguishable from others at the moment of birth, for members of this branch are born with jet black hair, tipped with gold. These members are few in number, and are all destined to become the leaders of the clan. In all of history, there have only been three of these members alive at a time, a testimony to their rarity. Unlike members of the Physical and Mental Branches, members of the Head Branch are born with naturally high spirits, able to wield C-Rank Spirit and D-Rank Meianton techniques from birth.

Stage 2: Kesshi (Do-or-Die Spirit)
Once a member has used twenty-five spirit jutsu, he advances to this stage. They may now use up to A-Rank Spirit and B-Rank Meianton jutsu. Any use of these jutsu types by a member of this Branch will double in effectiveness, meaning double damage, double brightness, double size, etc. This is a result of the excessive focus that is granted to the Head Branch for the use of Meianton and spirit techniques.

Stage 3: Shunou (Leading Spirit)
Members attain this stage once they have used a total of fifty spirit techniques. In addition to the double effectiveness, members may now use spirit and Meianton techniques at half the cost, and may now learn up to S-Rank Spirit and A-Rank Meianton Techniques.

Ultimate Awakening: Senkakusha
As with the Makejidamashii, the Senkakusha stage is one only awakened by the best of the clan, through means not ordinarily accomplished by anyone. When a Shunou activates the Tamashī no Kyūshū on another person of high spirit, such that could rival a Seisho, this stage will immediately be unlocked. Members may now learn spirit and Meianton techniques up to S-Rank, and may use the final form of the Kaigan, in addition to being able to sense the spirit of everything within one kilometer.

(Note: Members born into the Kyuusaisha possess greater sight and hearing than an average human.)

Stage 3: Ubatama
The Cosmic Branch is known for its masters of the dark, having a natural understanding of the other forms of Light Release. They can create darkness from seemingly nowhere and inhibit sight of any kind completely. This stage marks the realization of the Kyuusaisha's soul, and causes a complete amnesia to occur. The member will remember nothing regarding anyone else; knowledge of techniques and skills will remain. This amnesia may only be cured through the slow, natural process. The Kyuusaisha are easily angered, and will often go into a rage at things most people would find only mildly irritating. This rage induces an unleashing of the spirit, instantly activating the Kaigan. Every time a member enters this rage, which lasts until the irritant is destroyed, he will unlock a memory of the past, usually a day at a time until the memory is restored. Members may now learn up to B-Rank Meianton and C-Rank spirit techniques.

Stage 4: Ankoka
Unlike the other branches, the Cosmic Branch progresses through memory restoration. Once the member has unlocked three memories, he will automatically achieve this stage. The rage may be controlled to the extent of not killing the irritant, but still severely injuring it. Members may now learn up to A-Rank Meianton and B-Rank spirit techniques.

Stage 5: Yamiyo
Members achieve this stage once a total of ten memories have been unlocked. Rage may now be controlled to the point of directing it towards any desired target, but must still be angered prior and may only stop once the target has been severely injured or killed. Members may learn up to S-Rank Meianton and A-Rank spirit techniques.

Ultimate Awakening: Makura
This final stage, rarely seen throughout the world, may only be awakened through the melding of oneself and the shadows, via spending three posts in the Shadow Realm. The rage may now be turned on or off at will, and all memories are restored at this point. Members may now learn up to S-Rank Meianton and spirit techniques, in addition to the final form of the Kaigan and the ability to sense the spirit of everything within 100 meters.


Ethereal Plane: The Ethereal Plane is a dimension parallel to our own. While it contains the same objects as the Material Plane (our plane), such as trees, rocks, and animals, none of it is laid out in the same order as ours. One could never know if he'll wind up in a desert or atop a mountain when shifting planes, there's just no way to tell. Everything in this plane consists of a ghostly material, making for a gloomy outlook. Ethereal objects, while within the Ethereal Plane, contain the same solidity as things of the Material Plane. However, once these gray-themed constructs enter the Material Plane, they become intangible, unless bound to this plane through a special object, such as an onyx figurine. Likewise, things originating from the Material Plane will become intangible once entering the Ethereal Plane. There are methods to work around this, especially for the Physical Branch, who are the Seisho representatives of this plane. This is not to say that the Physical Branch are the only ones permitted access to this plane, they are simply able to access it, and the only Seisho capable of doing so. Anything outside of its original plane will lose will at a rate of one point per post, and will regenerate this will at the same rate once returned. However, when a living creature belonging to the Ethereal Plane returns from the Material Plane, all healing rates are doubled.

Astral Plane: The Astral Plane is immensely different from the Material Plane. There is no ground, no sky, no animals or even plants. This plane is literally bare. The only visible object is the plane itself, which appears like a night sky layered with stars, hence the name. The Astral Plane has also been called the land of dreams, as this is where a person's mind enters upon slumber. In here, the void can be filled with constructs made of pure thought. A person can create a building or a mountain with a single thought. Here, imagination is power. The Mental Branch are capable of entering this plane, and even taking people here, whenever they like, but there is a great danger: death in the Astral Plane means death in the Material Plane.

Spiritual Realm: The Spiritual Realm is the place where spirits linger before passing on to the next world. Immediately after death, a person's spirit will remove itself from the body, and immediately enter this Realm. The Spiritual Realm looks exactly like the Material Plane, only that everything has a golden, ghostly aura about it, and people within this realm can observe the things occurring in the other plane. However, nothing in the Spiritual Realm can interact with something outside of it. Observation is the only advantage, except that the Head Branch members, who have mastered the way into this Realm, have a significant advantage here, as most high-level Spirit techniques can only be used in this realm. In addition, a person may stay within the Spiritual Realm until they either choose to move on, or possess an empty body. The body must be inhabitable, and cannot be dead. The previous host must be out of the body, and if the need arises, defeated in the Spiritual Realm. To die in the Spiritual Realm is to be forced to move on. A body cannot survive long without its spirit and will eventually decay.

Shadow Realm: The Shadow Realm is home to the Cosmic Branch, a world of darkness. This is a plane connected directly to the Material plane, and is only able to be traversed by a member of the Cosmic Branch. The pathway may be opened via the appropriate jutsu, and uses shadows as an entrance. Once inside this Realm, a person will see only black, as there is no light here, along with several gateways to the nearby area. These gateways are the shadows in the Material Plane near where the person entered, and will show an image of what is through the shadow. While only a member of the Cosmic Branch may bring someone into this plane, anyone can leave, by simply stepping through one of the gateways to exit into the Material Plane.

Clan Weaknesses: Spirit techniques tax the users will, while Spirit Kinjutsu tax the user's soul. Will is recoverable, while soul is not, creating a hefty toll. A loss of too much will result in a temporary shutdown of all body functions, causing a meditative state which cannot be broken until the user's will is brought up to the minimum required amount. Meditating regenerates will at a rate of five points per post. A loss of soul in an area results in a loss of life in that area. If a person uses a technique which costs the soul of the arm, that arm will die off, and eventually separate from the body of its own accord.
Light-based Meianton can be scattered by water, reducing the damage to nothing for most techniques, and can be reflected by a mirror-like surface. Dark-based Meianton contains neither weakness, while practitioners suffer even greater drawbacks. While a Kyuusaisha is capable of seeing most things within a twenty meter radius in pitch dark, light-based attacks have an assured blinding effect that lasts for one post. Kyuusaisha may also hear things other people can't, and so are able to pinpoint targets within a twenty meter range by noise alone, but they are highly sensitive to loud sounds, and will be deafened for a post whenever they hear one.

Initial Members: 1

Number Allowed:
5 (Physical Branch)
5 (Mental Branch)
2 (Head Branch)
5 (Cosmic Branch Kyuusaisha)
2 (Cosmic Branch Seisho)

Clan Jutsu: N/A
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Seisho: Light Release/Kitsunetsuki
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