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 Statistic Points, Jutsu and Fighting Styles

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PostSubject: Statistic Points, Jutsu and Fighting Styles   Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:48 pm

Starting Points
Points may be placed as seen fit. Maximum 40 total. Nothing may start higher than a 12 as a the higher you go the more skilled overall you will be. Differences are in percentage comparison to the other person. Person A has a 5 Strength, Person B has a 10. Person B is twice as strong as person A. Person C has a 20 they can lift twice as much as Person B and four times as much as person A (who lifts like a standard human). Effectively, Person C has the strength of four men and Person B has the strength of two men.

Average Human has 30 total points to start with
A Genin has 36 points to start with
A Chuunin has 42 points to start with
A Jounin has 48 points to start with
An ANBU has 54 points
NOTE– ANBU are not startable, and are assigned by staff for quality RP or service to the village. When you get chosen for ANBU the additional six points may be added to your character.

NOTE - Kage are run as NPCs by staff. Their purpose is to maintain a village, hand out special missions and recieve important information. They almost never even leave their offices. Kage are necessary for maintaining the village only and are not suitable as characters. If you feel that there are special circumstances, please speak with a staff member and it will be discussed by staff. No new member will be considered for Kage because we will need to see your commitment level first.

With Jutsu there are a certain number of jutsu you can start with. You may choose any of that rank you wish and qualify for plus any nonelemental.

Everyone starts with all academy justu.
Genin start with four D rank and two C rank.
Chuunin start with six D rank, four C rank and one B rank.
Jounin start with eight D rank, six C, two B and one A.
When ranked up to ANBU you get a total of ten D rank, eight C, four B, two A and one S rank for your freebie Jutsu.

Earning new Jutsu will work like earning new stats – you request thejutsu at the end of a thread you participated in and when you are approved you gain them. If you posted in a timely fashion, the actions taken, any significant social progress, and the quality of RP you produced will all be taken into account. You may request a gain for both stats and jutsu at the end of your topic. To request a gain for a jutsu, please indicate you would like a jutsu you will then be told what rank of jutsu you can learn for the RP you provided in the sample.

Everyone starts with one Element unless their bloodline indicates others. You may not take elemental jutsu from elements you do not have an affinity for.

Fighting Styles
Fighting style done with a scale system – Ninjutsu, Taijustu, Genjutsu you start off with at base. They have a maximum rank of ten, everyone starts with a single point in each Ninjutsu, Taijutsi and Genjutsu. Genin start out with three points to spend, Chuunin get four and Jounin get six, Anbu get seven to spend in the ranks of their choosing. There are other fighting styles that require a certain number of points in one or more of these skills to gain use in. For example Iijutsu would require a 3 in Ninjutsu to buy a 1 in it. If you notice no genin start as a medic in the series, but if they wished to they could put all three of their points to Ninjutsu and then earn their point in Iijutsu. Fuinjutsu would also require a 3 in Ninjutsu. Weapons Master requires a 2 in Taijutsu. Kenjutsu requires a 2 in Taijutsu. The Iijustu and the Fuinjutsu cost more to reflect their difficulty to learn as everyone receives basic weapons training.

None of these bonus points stack together. You get one bonus only to a stat and only when using the appropriate technique. For example when using Ninjutsu you get the bonus to Chakra and when not using the ninjutsu you do not get the bonus.

Ninjutsu – Give half your respective rank to Chakra
Taijutsu - Give you half your respective rank to Strength or Dexterity stat – chosen only once when taking the first rank
Genjutsu – Give half your respective rank Intelligence
Iijutsu – Give half your respective rank to Chakra or Intelligence – chosen only once when taking the first rank
Fuinjutsu – Give half your respective rank to Chakra or Intelligence – chosen only once when taking the first rank
Weapons Master - Give you half your respective rank to Strength or Dexterity stat – chosen only once when taking the first rank
Kenjutsu - Give you half your respective rank to Strength or Dexterity stat – chosen only once when taking the first rank

Points in this are gained by use of appropriate techniques. The cost is each point increases by five uses each time (multiplied by five for those math inclined)– so it costs five legitimate technique usages to gain the first point in the allotted area. A bit of training is fine, but you are not allowed to sit in a topic and spam techniques. Only five uses in a single topic will count toward your gain. The cost increases after the first rank to a ten use cost for the second rank. It would cost training fifteen more uses after that for the third and so on. You must have at least one point in the area to train it, if you lack a point in the area you wish to train you must have another player teach that technique to you or contact a staff to run an NPC if none exist to teach you.

Merits and Flaws
A merit is a superior quality to your character that can aid you in gaining the advantage in battle or roleplay. Some examples of merits can be having a Sensor ability, a Bloodline Limit, a Second Element, or being Extra Cute! If you gain any sort of increase by a merit you must have an equivalent in a flaw.

A flaw is a character defect, something that gives a challenge to your character's life. Some examples of flaws are being Horribly Maimed, Unlucky – where your opponent may use your luck against you once per topic, Blind, Sensitive to a certain Element.

There is no limit to character merits and flaws but you MUST keep them balanced. For a merit, you must have a flaw of equal value.
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Statistic Points, Jutsu and Fighting Styles
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