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 Uchiha: Sharingan/Blaze Release

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PostSubject: Uchiha: Sharingan/Blaze Release   Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:25 pm


Name of Jutsu: Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body
Rank: A
Range: Line of Sight
Handseals: N/A
Effect: This genjutsu requires the Sharingan and eye contact to be activated. The illusion traps the victim in a dark empty space where their body is made of paper that burns from toe to head while the user is watching. The technique will make it harder for the target to move properly, halving the target's dexterity for the next two posts.
Weaknesses: Requires direct eye contact.

Name of Jutsu: Magen: Kyō Tenchi-ten (Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change)
Rank: A
Range: Line of Sight
Handseals: N/A
Effect: The user decrypts a genjutsu that has been applied onto them and casts back a technique with identical effects onto the opponent. It's a form of illusion reversal, but in order to instantly read through a technique and cast it in return, the Sharingan's power is necessary. As genjutsu is initially used to confuse the enemy, this technique, which sends it right back to its caster, deals a high amount of mental damage, more than anything else, canceling the target Genjutsu and halving the target's intelligence for the next two posts.
Weaknesses: Requires direct eye contact. May only be used after a Genjutsu has taken effect on the user. The cost mimics that of the target Genjutsu.

Name of Jutsu: Magen: Kasegui no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique)
Rank: A
Range: Line of Sight
Handseals: N/A
Effect: Firstly, this technique requires the use of the Sharingan and direct eye contact. The opponent is caught in the illusionary world created by the user, and the victim will be tormented with the sensation of having spikes driven through their limbs, taking away their body's freedom. At the same time, the physical pain accompanying the illusion reveals the greatest use this technique has is primarily for torture. This halves the target's constitution for the next two posts.
Weaknesses: Requires direct eye contact.


Name of Jutsu: Amaterasu (Illuminating Heaven)
Rank: A
Range: Line of Sight
Handseals: N/A

The jet-black flames of the Amaterasu, said to be the fires from hell that are as hot as the sun, ignite at the focus of the user's vision. Though the flames have been stated to be unavoidable, Amaterasu has been avoided a few times; Sasuke Uchiha managed to dodge the flames when Itachi tried focusing on him, though Itachi did not actually want to kill him and managed to hit Sasuke shortly after regardless, and A using his Lightning Release Armour enhanced Body Flicker Technique avoided a short-range Amaterasu launched at him by Sasuke. The determining factors seem to be motivation and skill.

The flames are capable of burning through anything in their path, even smothering regular fire techniques with ease. Amaterasu is said to never stop burning; even when whatever is caught by the Amaterasu is completely reduced to ash or destroyed, it can still continue burning for seven days and seven nights. It cannot be extinguished with water or any other normal methods. The only thing that the flames have seemingly failed to burn into is Gaara's chakra-infused sand. However, the flames burn fairly slowly, allowing anyone struck by Amaterasu an opportunity to remove whatever clothing or body parts have been caught ablaze. Nagato was able to deflect the flames from his body using Shinra Tensei. Use of the technique also puts a great deal of strain on the user, usually causing their eyes to bleed.

Itachi Uchiha, who used it with his right Mangekyō Sharingan, is able to quell the flames to some extent. Prior to his death, Itachi implanted some of the black flames into Sasuke's eye which activates upon seeing Tobi's Sharingan. Sasuke, after gaining his own Mangekyō Sharingan, is later able to use Amaterasu on his own. Sasuke's Amaterasu originates from his left eye however, and C indicates he is more skilled with it than Itachi; he can put out the flames with greater ease and can even manipulate the flames themselves as part of the "Blaze" element.
Weaknesses: As stated in the description, Amaterasu may be dodged. However, in order to execute the dodge, a person must have a speed that the Mangekyo Sharingan cannot track, which is no easy task. The sheer strain on the eye causes the tracking ability of that eye to be cut in half for one post after use. Also, the Amaterasu must be trained in levels:
Level 1: All wielders of the Mangekyo begin at this level. The user may launch Amaterasu at any desired target within a direct line of sight, however, the user has absolutely no control of the flames.
Level 2: Gained after three uses of the Amaterasu. The user may quell his own flames through the use of the right eye. This causes strain on the eye, though not as much as when activating the technique, resulting in a cost of five points for every quelled area of flame. Susano'o may now be learned, provided Tsukuyomi is at the same level.
Level 3: Gained after ten uses of the Amaterasu. The user may now quell any Amaterasu flame through the same means, and may now learn the Blaze Release.
Twenty five uses will result in the permanent blinding of the eye.

Name of Jutsu: Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader)
Rank: A
Range: Line of Sight
Handseals: N/A
Effect: According to Zetsu, Tsukuyomi is one of the most powerful genjutsu in existence. It is unique to the Uchiha clan and only those with the Mangekyō Sharingan can perform it. It is said to represent the "Spiritual World and Darkness" (精神界と闇, Seishinkai to Yami), the antipode to Amaterasu, a ninjutsu of similar power.
Tsukuyomi requires eye contact to be performed. When executed, the technique traps the target in an illusion that is completely controlled by the user. Itachi's prowess with the technique has allowed him to alter the perception of time with ease within the genjutsu to make it seem to last for days when in fact it only lasts a few seconds. This allows him to torture the target for what seems like days on end, causing mental trauma that will render them unable to fight for an extensive period of time. After Itachi used it on Kakashi in Part I, Kisame was surprised that Kakashi was still alive. Only Tsunade has been shown capable of curing this psychological damage.
In the anime during Part I, Itachi's use of Tsukuyomi typically featured a red moon casting a red light throughout the illusion with a cloudy atmosphere, giving the background a blood-red appearance while the victim within the illusion is depicted in an inverted grey scale.
Such a powerful technique is not without its disadvantages however. Due to the complexity of the illusion and the quickness with which it is executed, an enormous amount of chakra is necessary and an added amount of stress is placed on the left eye, leaving Itachi's vision more blurred. Before using it on Kakashi in Part I, Itachi stated that Tsukuyomi can only be broken by a Sharingan user that shares the same blood as him; as demonstrated when Sasuke overcame Itachi's Tsukuyomi in their battle. Sasuke can also perform Tsukuyomi with his right eye, though his illusion is considered inferior to Itachi's Tsukuyomi since it does not alter the opponent's perception of time indicating he has yet to master it.
Weaknesses: In order to activate this technique, the user must make direct eye contact with the target. 
The strain causes the tracking ability of the eye to be cut in half for one post after use.
Tsukuyomi, like Amaterasu, must also be trained in levels:
Level 1: The user may cause paralysis that lasts for two posts.
Level 2: Gained after three uses of Tsukuyomi. The user may now create a Genjutsu world for which to control. The target is trapped for one post, with mental trauma that will cause all stats to half for the following post. Susano'o may now be learned, provided Amaterau is at the same level.
Level 3: Gained after five uses. The target may be trapped for up to three posts, with mental trauma that halves all stats for the following three posts.
Level 4: Gained after seven uses. The target may be trapped for up to five posts, with mental trauma for the following five posts. The user may now control space to the highest degree within the Genjutsu.
Level 5: Gained after ten uses. The target may now be trapped for up to seven posts, followed by unconsciousness for the next ten posts. The user now has absolute control over time and space within the Genjutsu, able to make one second seem like a day. 
Twenty five uses will result in the permanent blinding of the eye.

Name of Jutsu: Susano'o (He with the ability to help by all means)
Rank: S
Range: Touch
Handseals: N/A
Effect: Susanoo is the third ability granted by the Mangekyō Sharingan after awakening the abilities in both eyes. It creates a gigantic, humanoid being that surrounds the user. As the strongest technique granted to those that have acquired the Mangekyō Sharingan, it is the user's guardian deity, but at the same time, it consumes the user's life.

According to Tobi, for a Sharingan user to activate the Susanoo is a rarity. Like the other techniques granted by the Mangekyō Sharingan, the user's eyes and body are strained while using Susanoo because it consumes a large amount of their chakra. Sasuke described it as feeling pain in every cell in his body which only grew from prolonged use. Susanoo is formed through the materialisation of the user's chakra and as such differs in appearance as well as colour between users.
Despite Susanoo's impressive defensive capabilities, the protection it grants its user is not absolute. Even though it envelopes and anchors the user, Susanoo doesn't guard right under the user's feet, making it possible to attack from below. Also, a sufficiently strong blow will still result in damage, especially during the technique's developmental stages. Additionally, it is possible to separate the user from Susanoo, as well as binding and restrict its movement.

Each Susanoo goes through several developmental stages as the user advances their control over it, with these various stages being best demonstrated while Sasuke is learning how to use the technique. In its earliest form, users can only manifest some of Susanoo's skeleton. A ribcage is generally produced first which, while providing a good defence, can still be fractured, or even melted. An arm is sometimes connected to this ribcage, which can then be used to interact with the surroundings.
As users gain additional control, musculature and skin begins to appear atop of these bones, which progressively complete the full skeletal structure. It is only when Susanoo's growth is fully matured and thus, the user is completely surrounded, are the vulnerabilities of the skeletal form finally eliminated. However, it should be noted that Susanoo can also appear behind the user, instead of just surrounding them. The user can also change the size of it to fit the current situation. Eventually, Susanoo develops into a complete warrior-like form, where its skin, armour and final arsenal of weapons are manifested in their entirety. At this stage, it can anchor the user to the ground, preventing opponents from forcibly moving them unless they can get through Susanoo's various layers. In its final form, this fully humanoid shape is further surrounded by a secondary layer of armour that causes Susanoo to resemble a yamabushi.
Weaknesses: Anything lighter than 1 pound is able to enter the space between Susano'o and the user. This can be used to attack the user directly or possibly pull him out of his Susano'o. The Susano'o will also succumb to a heat based attack with enough power to melt iron.
Susano'o must be trained in levels:
Level 1: Requires level 2 Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu to learn. Counts as an S-Rank technique for learning purposes. The user is able to call forth a skeletal form around himself. This will protect from all damage less than 300 lbs of pressure. This costs three points of chakra per post, and wears down the user's constitution at a rate of one point every five posts.
Level 2: Gained after one use of Sysano'o. The user is now capable of forming appendages from the skeleton. These arms are as bug as the final version, and possess a strength stat equal to thrice the user's current constitution. This costs five points of chakra per post and wears down constitution at the same rate as level one.
Level 3: Gained after three uses of Susano'o. The user's Susano'o takes on the form of a full sized skeleton. Costs seven points of chakra per post and wears down constitution at a rate of one point for every post.
Level 4: Gained after five uses.
The Susano'o becomes layered in muscle, granting it a bonus of ten points to Strength. Costs seven points of chakra per post and wears down constitution at the same rate as level 3.
Level 5: Gained after ten uses. The Susano'o is now complete with skin and armor. At this point, it may be equipped with weapons made from the user's Blaze Release abilities or legendary artifacts such as the Yata Mirror and Sword of Totsuka. The cost is ten points of chakra per post with a constitution drop of two points per post. 
The loss of constitution may only be recovered through training. However, if any healing jutsu is applied to the user, then any points lost within the previous three posts will be regained.

Name of Jutsu: Izanagi
Rank: S
Range: Touch
Handseals: Rabbit → Boar → Ram
Effect: Izanagi is a genjutsu that is cast on the user instead of others and is the most powerful amongst this type of genjutsu.[1] When activated, the caster removes the boundaries between reality and illusion within their personal space. To a degree this allows the user to control their own state of existence. It is normally only active for the briefest of moments.[2]
This technique is capable of turning injuries and even death inflicted upon the user into mere illusions. Whenever the user receives a fatal injury, he or she automatically fades away as though they were an illusion all along and then returns back to reality; physically real and unscathed. The technique is based on an ability the Sage of the Six Paths had, referred to as "Creation of All Things" (万物創造, Banbutsu Sōzō). The process he used is explained to have initially involved the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create shape and form from nothingness. Then, through the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, he would breathe life into the prior form. Thus, a technique with the power to turn imagination into reality was born, known as Izanagi.[3]
Izanagi can only be used by those with the genetic traits of the Sage of the Six Paths. The Uchiha, descended from the Sage, are able to perform Izanagi with their Sharingan. In exchange for the brief control of reality that it allows them, the Sharingan with which Izanagi is cast becomes blind. For this reason the Uchiha labelled it a kinjutsu. Danzō Shimura, in an effort to make practical use of the technique, had ten Sharingan embedded into his right arm. He also had Orochimaru extend the lifespan of each Sharingan's Izanagi to a minute, allowing him to use the technique for up to ten minutes, with breaks in between as he deemed necessary. However, because Danzō is not an Uchiha, his chakra levels drop substantially every time a new Sharingan is used to activate the technique.
To make full use of Izanagi, users must also have the genetic traits of the Senju, who are also descended from the Sage. Partially for this reason Danzō had some of Hashirama Senju's DNA transplanted into his arm, which had the added benefit of increasing his physical energy and vitality as well as access to Wood Release which could be used to subjugate tailed beasts. Tobi also makes use of Hashirama's DNA, though he claims to have gained control of it, unlike Danzō.
Weaknesses: The effect only lasts for six seconds, sixty if the user possesses Senju DNA. The eye that uses it will be permanently blinded immediately after use.

Name of Jutsu: Kamui (Authority of the Gods)
Rank: S
Range: Line of Sight
Handseals: N/A
Effect: Using the ability granted by the  Mangekyō Sharingan, the user can create a barrier sending everything within its vicinity to another dimension. He can also control the size of the barrier as seen when Pain did not notice that Kakashi warped away the nail he sent flying at him during their battle, suggesting that he did not make the barrier any larger than necessary to transport the nail to another dimension. This is significant, since the chakra consumed by this technique is proportional to the mass of the target transported. There is also said to be no way to defend against this technique. However, Tobi, who himself is a Space–Time Ninjutsu user, has told Kakashi not to bother trying to use this technique on him as it would be useless.

Kamui consumes a large amount of chakra to perform, especially in Kakashi's case, as his non-Uchiha body is predominantly not compatible with the eye; meaning it causes Kakashi more strain or fatigue than an Uchiha would experience when using the technique. Kakashi has only been shown to be able to use this technique up to three times in a given day, even when starting at full strength. When first seen, Kakashi's aim and control over the size of the barrier was imperfect. It took him two attempts to hit Deidara with the technique (still not being able to successfully take Deidara's head). Additionally, after he warped away an explosion made by Deidara, the point continued to collapse on itself even after he had transported the explosion. By the time of the invasion of Pain however, his aim improved and was even able to focus more accurately on fast-moving objects. His improvement with the technique is also seen when he manages to consecutively warp away two arrows fired by Sasuke's Susanoo (that he noted to be too fast to dodge) without immediately becoming fatigued.
Weaknesses: This technique costs an additional five points of chakra when used by non-Uchiha.
This must also be trained in levels:
Level 1: Gained after fully mastering the Amaterasu and training this as an S-Rank technique. The user may create a barrier roughly half a meter in diameter, and may only move it with speed equal to one eighth of his tracking ability. The process takes two posts to complete. The cost is fifteen points of chakra.
Level 2: Gained after three uses of Kamui. The user may now size the barrier up to two meters in diameter and can move it at a speed equal to one fourth of his tracking ability. This process takes two posts to complete. The cost is twelve points of chakra.
Level three: Gained after ten uses. The user may size the barrier up to three meters in diameter and move it with a speed equal to half of his tracking ability. This process may be completed instantly, provided the barrier is no bigger than one foot in diameter and the target is within two meters. Otherwise, it takes one post to complete. To use the Kamui instantly, the cost is ten points of chakra, while using it normally costs twelve points.

Name of Jutsu: Kotoamatsukami (Distinguished Heavenly Gods)
Rank: S
Range: 30 Meters
Handseals: N/A
Effect: Kotoamatsukami is the ultimate genjutsu granted by Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan. The technique itself allows the user to enter the opponent's mind and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. It is regarded as a genjutsu of the highest class, due to the victim being entirely unaware that they are being manipulated.
As a testament to its power it was strong enough to even negate Kabuto Yakushi's control over the revived Itachi Uchiha, in spite of the former's authority being considered almost absolute. After the technique is used, it requires around a decade before it can be used again, but this period can be drastically reduced through the possession of Hashirama Senju's cells, as observed by Danzō Shimura's use. However, despite the additional stamina granted by Hashirama's cells, it is asserted that this technique still can't be used multiple times in a single day.
Weaknesses: Only one command may be issued, one phrase that must be explicitly stated in the user's mind. This may only affect a person once, for a second attempt will only succeed in freeing the target of the previous command. Third attempts are automatically blocked out by the target's subconscious. The cooldown time for this is one decade, rendering the ability useless until either a decade has passed or the eye is transplanted.

Name of Jutsu: Yasaka no Magatama (Eight Slopes Curved Jewel)
Rank: S
Range: 100 Meters
Handseals: N/A
Effect: Using the complete form of Susanoo, the user is able to create the Yasaka Magatama between two of its arms, consisting from a number of tomoe bound together through their respective centres by a thread of chakra. Due to this structure, the tools then act in a similar manner to that of a shuriken when thrown by Susanoo, rapidly spinning towards the intended target.

In Itachi's use of the technique, three tomoe were bound together by a single circular thread, after being created by the right arms of his Susanoo. The entirety was then thrown towards the target as a single projectile, which Itachi asserts to be his strongest long-range technique.

In Madara's use of the technique, a considerable number of tomoe were strung out between two of his Susanoo's hands, using an interconnecting thread. When thrown, the entirety detached from one another, with each individual tomoe becoming a separate projectile instead. Each projectile is capable of inflicting severe destructive force, enough to annihilate anything of weaker fortitude than diamond.
Weaknesses: Not only is the cost fifteen points of chakra, this technique places further strain upon the user in regards to binding the Susano'o to this world. This doubles both the per post cost and degeneration of constitution for the current and following posts. In addition, only a fully realized Susano'o is capable of using this technique.


Name of Jutsu: Enton: Kagutsuchi (Inferno Style: Flame Control)
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Handseals: N/A
Effect: This technique allows the user to apply Shape Transformation to the inextinguishable black flames of Amaterasu, turning the flames into a spiked barrier that not only shields him, but also burns and pierces any opponent that touches the flames. While Amaterasu is cast from the left eye, this technique is cast from his right eye. This may be used to change the Amaterasu into any shape desired, not just a barrier. 
Weaknesses: This may only be applied to the user's own Amaterasu. In addition, this costs five points per post, in addition to increasing the blinding effect of the right Mangekyo. This will reduce the maximum usage of Tsukuyomi by one for every three posts this is used.
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Uchiha: Sharingan/Blaze Release
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