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 Summon Registration and Template

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PostSubject: Summon Registration and Template   Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:45 pm

Summon Registration Template

Name of Summon:
Animal Type:
Summoning Process:
Contract Signatures:

[b]Name of Summon:[/b]
[b]Animal Type:[/b]
[b]Summoning Process:[/b]
[b]Contract Signatures:[/b]

While it is by no means a requirement, many shinobi take a liking to possessing a summon of their own, much like Jiraiya's ninja toads or Orochimaru's snakes. The template provides an excellent guideline for creating your personal summon.

Name of Summon: This is the name of your summon, such as Gamabunta.

Rank: The strength of every summon is determined by its rank, the higher the rank, the more powerful the summon.

Element: Most, but not all, summons possess one or more elements. Rank D and C summons may possess one element, B-rank may possess two elements, A-Rank may possess three elements OR one advanced element comprised of two or less elements, and S-Rank may possess four elements OR two advanced elements comprised of two or less elements OR one advanced element comprised of four or less elements.

Animal Type: If your summon is based off of an animal, write this animal's name here. This includes all mythical and real creatures.

Summoning Process: The process with which the summon is brought forth. One may use the Summoning Jutsu, which is the most common method, or another method of your own creation. Keep in mind that the chakra required to call forth your summon is one rank less than the summon's. So for an A-Ranked summon, you'd need to spend enough chakra to use a B-Rank jutsu, or ten chakra points.

Abilities: Any abilities your summon possesses. This includes any jutsu or innate ability. The jutsu may be custom or cannon, and the innate abilities, if desired, are to be judged appropriate by the staff. There is a limit on how many abilities or jutsu a summon may have: D-Rank summons may possess three points, C-Rank may possess five, B-Rank may possess seven, A-Rank may possess ten, and S-Rank may possess fifteen. Points may be accumulated to gain different things:
E-Rank jutsu = 0.5 Points
D-Rank jutsu = 1 Point
C-Rank jutsu = 1.5 Points
B-Rank jutsu = 3 Points
A-Rank jutsu = 5 Points
S-Rank jutsu = 7 Points
Minor Ability = 2 Points
Major Ability = 4 Points
Superior Ability = 8 Points
As stated earlier, it is up to the judgement of the staff and your own common sense to determine the level of your summon's abilities.

Weaknesses: Every summon has some sort of weakness, whether it be the frailty of your animal type or the weaknesses of your abilities that have an impact on the overall summon. These weaknesses must balance out your abilities, if any. However, each weakness provides bonus points for you to use on your summon.
1 Minor Weakness = 1 Bonus Point
1 Major Weakness = 2 Bonus Points
1 Superior Weakness = 4 Bonus Points

Statistics: To keep things simple, you are allotted a set amount of stat points to spend on your summon. The amount of stat points differs with each rank:
D-Rank = 50 Points
C-Rank = 60 Points
B-Rank = 70 Points
A-Rank = 80 Points
S-Rank = 90 Points

Contract Signatures: This includes the names of all current users of the contract. These names are never to be removed, as even after death the signatures remain on the contract. As such, this is expected to be updated with every new signer.

Every time a person desires to obtain use of a contract, whether it be his own or someone else's (which requires the permission of the creator), the entire process must be done through role play, and posted in an update for approval.
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Summon Registration and Template
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