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 About Missions

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PostSubject: About Missions   Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:05 pm

In order to create missions for the site you will need to fill out the following template.

Type of Mission:

Type of Mission:
Description: [/i]

Name is what the mission is called on the official Mission board.

Rank is the difficulty level if the mission. D and C are usually multiple Genin or a single Chuunin, B are usually more than one Chuunin or a Jounin, A ranked are usually for Jounin and Anbu working with others. S rank are only delivered by the Kage and usually involve units of Shinobi. Occasionally a higher ranked shinobi will take other PCs of a lower rank with them on missions.

Type of Mission means what is to be expected on the mission. Some possible types are Chore, Recon, Capture, Acquisition, Stealth, Physical, Mental, Social, Escort, Guard, Medical. You may put in more than one type of the mission will have the PCs encountering more than one type. If staff is required for running any NPCs, note this here with NPC.

Prerequisites are what you need to have in order to get the mission and complete it. Some things to consider are rank, village - Is it for one village only or is it in multiple villages, any abilities needed or special equipment needed.

Goals are a short explanation of the mission objectives.

Description will be for a small story of how the mission came to be, the motivations behind it, the goals and any possible difficulties the characters may face. If there is an NPC that needs to be run here please fill it with basic information of rank, village, specializations and the NPCs purpose. Here you may include any bonuses the characters may obtain from the mission such as extra Ryu, Items, Jutsu, etc.

If your character meets the prerequisites for the mission, the mission is in the Available Mission thread and you wish you may go on the mission without requesting. If Staff is needed to run an NPC, please notify a staff member in a topic on the Missions Board with the Mission in the first post of your topic. Simply copy it from the Mission Board as it is written and put in that you need to have an NPC run.

When you complete a mission, please post an update in your Updates thread.

Kage are run as NPCs by any available staff except in special circumstances. Most missions are taken off of the mission board (D-B Ranked there. B ranked must have Chuunin or higher rank to be done. D and C Genin may take at will solo or in units.)

Possible D Missions – Painting Fence, Cleaning out Hoarders home, Lawnwork, Lost Cat, Lost Dog, Gather Wood, etc etc. These are menial tasks that people need or want someone else to do

Possible C Missions – Watch errant teenager, Help at the Zoo, Escort Travelers in Village, Organize Library Files, etc etc. These tasks require more skill and care to do.

Possible B Missions – Escort Travelers to Neighboring village, Spying on Whoever, Assassinate Person of Minor Importance, etc etc. These missions are usually assigned to Jounin or Chuunin and there is to be resistance expect from enemy forces.

Possible A Missions – These will usually pertain to the countries safety and the capture/assassination of most Missing Nin and will be handed out by the Kage. Jounin or ANBU are usually assigned to these tasks.

Possible S Missions – These missions are the highest paying and most dangerous missions. Hunting Extremely powerful missing-nin is one possible task. These missions are EXCLUSIVELY assigned to highly skill Jounin, ANBU usually with large squads of Shinobi and are EXCLUSIVELY assigned by the Kage.
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About Missions
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