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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:49 pm

Those who break our rules will be subject to any penalties ranging from loss of stat points, money, rank, temporary ban and even permanent ban. The punishment will fit the crime and staff will discuss the punishment you will receive should you break these rules. Ignorance of any rule posted here is not an acceptable excuse. They are posted, read them, know them because we do not accept ‘I didn’t know’ as an excuse.

We reserve the right to edit any and all rules, as well as add new rules either even after a situation has occurred to nullify a problem. Do not attempt to utilize loopholes in order to further your character. We consider that to be cheating. Instead, notify a staff member of a loophole and you may be rewarded IC with items, currency, stats or a jutsu!

General Rules:
•Your username should match the name of your character.
•This is an English speaking site. All posts must be in English and any foreign languages must be translated accordingly. For example, you may post the Japanese name of your jutsu but you must add the English name for it afterwards. You may do this in (parenthesis)
•Each character must have its own account and you must post on the appropriate account. Posts from the wrong account are void.
•Follow the Templates provided (if you need help, you can ask on the OOC forum or PM a staff member);
•Wait for character approval before you begin play, once it is approved by a staff member you may begin play in your home city
•Descriptions of death, gore and blood are allowed in this forum; keep the sexual level to no more than PG13. This is not a site for Cyber-sex and all persons involved in such activities will be banned.
•Inappropriate or offensive actions performed by any member must be reported to the administrators. This includes racial, sexual, religious and any type of slur.
•There must be no rudeness, insulting or flaming directed at any of the staff, any members of the community, or of the site. Disciplinary action will be taken immediately.
•Staff members cannot approve or mediate things with which they are personally involved and must have another staff member.
•Suicide is not permitted here, should you commit suicide either directly or indirectly you will lose that character slot.
•You will be the one to be held accountable for your actions. Always remember this. Just because another player is breaking the rules does not give you the permission to do so as well

Role-Playing Rules:
•Be realistic and write according the situation, do not power-play, god-mod or ignore common sense.
•Your character must act as they were described in their application, if you fail to do so then you will be pulled from play and be asked to remake your character. If there is a life or personality changing event that occurs in role-play adjustments may be made in your Character Updates section.
•You cannot describe the actions of other characters other than your own, unless they are NPCs created by you for the sole purpose of development or you are given permission by the member to do so. You may not gain items, currency, or implants from an NPC.
•You cannot kill another Role-Player's character without a justified reason. Random-killing is unacceptable.
•You must post in order, you may not double post unless in a topic alone.
•You may not multi-post. This means your character cannot be in two places at the same time, except if it's by the use of a clone or in flashback. In that particular situation, your character's clone cannot leave the Land you are located at and you are limited to a single flashback topic.
•Remember that other people have things to do in their lives. Be patient. You must wait 48 hours from the last post before you can skip the next player.
•If you're going to be absent for more than 3 days, please inform the community and staff of this site by posting in the OOC board. Be sure to exit active posts your character is located at so that it does not hinder Role-Play in any way.
•If a person makes a vague post or if it is written in such a way that you can hardly understand it, you are allowed to ask that person to clarify his post to you. If the other party refuses to clarify, please notify staff.
•In a non-combat topic, you are expected to keep a posting order. However unlike a combat topic (A topic in which fighting has started between Player Characters) where you must keep a posting order at all times, you CAN post out of order to leave the topic
•Private topics do not make them closed, it is simply a request for other players to stay out. Any player may be able to enter and leave topics. It is, however, courteous to accept requests for private topics.
•All OOC comments and questions must be kept to the OOC boards. There is to be no OOC conversations in the IC boards. If you need to speak to the other parties involved in your topic you may link them to your post in the OOC forums but putting ((OOC: This is your short message and the link)) in the top of your post. Your short message may be no longer than 10 words.
•Should a conflict arise where the players cannot agree, please post in the Conflict forum for staff mediation.
•You MUST remain civil to others. You are taking the time to make a post and then post it, not just typing wildly in a chatbox. Poor behavior will not be tolerated, you have no excuses. Think before you post. If you need to, take some time away from your computer before you make a post – you have time to respond nicely. Staff will wait at least 48 hours for both parties to present their case.
•You may never use OOC information IC. Should you do so the post will be voided. Repeat offenses are subject to discipline.

Post Rules:
•Your messages must be at least 50 words long, more is preferred.
•You can only write in third and first person's side of view, in complete sentences. We do not allow ‘Chat’ style RP here
•Your post may contain actions, thoughts and speech of your character. Try to separate these with the appropriate text markers. “This is for speech.” ‘This is a thought.’ If you like you may use colors for your speech and thoughts, but make them readable colors. Having colors in your posts is not mandatory.
•Break up long posts into paragraphs. Nobody wants to read a wall of text.
•Editing a post can only be done only before anyone else posts behind you. After that, you need to get the permission from everyone else from that topic;
•You have 48 hours to reply to an action, after that the action is assumed to have succeeded without any interference. Absences override this rule to a certain extent
•All jutsu or special abilities used in your posts must be listed in the bottom of your post in brackets. This is for staff use only and to prevent cheating by people claiming they used one thing when they before said they used another.
•If any player is found to be using the jutsu and technique information at the bottoms of posts for their personal gain in battle there will be disciplinary action taken. You must play according to your characters intelligence.

Fighting Rules:
•You are not permitted to dodge indefinitely.
•Auto-hitting is not permitted.
•Keep to posting order.
•Make sure to pay attention to your opponent's post. If you are confused about a part of his post, you are able to ask him for clarification on its meaning. You opponent must clarify their actions if requested.
•Replacement can be used twice per topic and it can't be used on people or animals.

Character Rules:
•You may not start out as a rogue or missing ninja. You must start with a village.
•You may have up to three characters. One main character and two alternatives
•When you register an alternative character, please specify that in your application who your main character is and any other alts you have.
•Your alternative characters cannot have the same Kekkei Genkai or Clan as any of your other characters and must be from another village.
•You may not have your alts act to benefit any of your characters, anyone found to be doing so will lose all characters in question. If you wish for them to meet IC, please notify staff so that we may monitor the topic.
•You must remain active with all of your alternative characters. Just because you are active with Billy and Joe, doesn’t mean that Mark is safe if you have not posted on him lately when we hold inactivity purges.
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Rules and Regulations
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